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Universal Star is a privately owned payment gateway for several Psychic clairvoyant Reading websites. When you order a Clairvoyant reading you can choose to have it completed by Laura,  Raven, Alexia, Angie, Autumn or  Morgana . Or you may choose to have your clairvoyant reading by the soonest available clairvoyant psychic for a faster response still! Below is a little about all of our clairvoyants to help you to choose. Ordering through Universal Star. We now offer same day psychic readings by email. Clairvoyant advice with our same day readings. £14.99 of £19.99

Our psychic readers are here to help you, your first choice when you need positive accurate psychic tarot readings online or by email. Providing live psychic clairvoyant advice, psychic clairvoyant and spiritual tarot reading. We offer free distance healing too. UK based  internationally well known Psychic Clairvoyants. If you are ready to order your clairvoyant reading now, you can click here to place your order online and your psychic reading will come directly to  your inbox

Please note that we do not cover the following areas/issues within our psychic readings. Health, that includes pregnancy, and childbirth. Death or lottery numbers. Please do not order on these subjects.

If you wish to order your psychic reading Now, you can click here to place your order online and your clairvoyant reading will come directly to you, either by e-mail directly to your inbox, if you have chosen an  online e-mail clairvoyant reading, or if your choice was for a postal clairvoyant reading, then your reading will be typed up and sent out to you by first class post.  All readings are totally confidential, all of our clairvoyants work from the comfort of their own homes, and pay great attention to detail When carrying out your psychic or tarot reading.

The readings that we carry out and offer via this website and our own personal psychic reading websites are guaranteed to be totally confidential.

To book your psychic reading There are two choices, either securely online, please click here to go to the readings page and order your clairvoyant reading.  Or below are some quick links for handy ordering directly from this page. If you prefer your clairvoyant reading to be sent to you by first class post, then please check the box on the form and we will post it out to you by first class mail.

Payments for psychic readings can be made securely online by credit or debit card, or sent via Royal mail.

All of our clairvoyants have been carrying out their clairvoyant and tarot readings For a long time, and are well-established clairvoyants in their own right, and your clairvoyant reading Will be an individually crafted and detailed informative reading. We do not use scripts, or any programmes whatsoever in our online clairvoyant readings.  We are well known for our caring and sensitive clairvoyants and their high standard of readings.

This clairvoyant reading Website came about 8 years ago, when the need became apparent for support to carry out clairvoyant readings Online, and myself and some six other clairvoyants were talking about the standards and availability of online clairvoyant readings, and the difficulties faced when clairvoyant readings are only ordered through one website, rather than coming together as a group to carry out and support each other with our readings, and it became apparent that the need for a clairvoyant reading gateway was quite high.  Universal-star was then developed from there, to give an accurate service of clairvoyant readings and support guidance and advice to clients worldwide.  Although all of the clairvoyance and Clairvoyants working through universal star or already working via  Internet on their own clairvoyant reading sites, we all came together to provide an accurate and positive clairvoyant reading service.


Mini Clairvoyant Reading, 1  specific question- this reading is approx 250 words £12Click here to order
Clairvoyant Reading, 2 specific question- this reading is approx 500 words £18 Click here to order
Clairvoyant Reading, 3 specific question- this reading is approx 700 words £22 Click here to order

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Hello Im Alexia and im working from the Universal Star website to bring you genuine Clairvoyant readings.